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Лазерное лечение сетчатки клиника профессора Сергиенко

Laser Treatment of Retinal

Laser retinal photocoagulation is an outpatient method of treatment of diseases of the retina, is the strengthening of the retina. There are different types of laser treatment of the retina, the use of which depends on the disease.

Types of laser treatment of the retina:

  • pan-retinal laser photocoagulation 
  • limited to laser photocoagulation
  • different methods of laser treatment of retinal
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It is important to know that laser eye treatment allows avoiding surgical intervention in case if it was time spent.

Indications for laser treatment:


  • peripheral degeneration and retinal tears;
  • angiomatous;
  • diabetic retinopathy;
  • retinal vein thrombosis;
  • age-related changes;
  • Central serous chorioretinopathy;
  • local retinal detachment;
  • some types of tumors;
  • injuries
Показания к лазерному лечению сетчатки винница сергиенко



  • clouding of the optical media of the eye;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • neovascular changes


How is the procedure?


  • The use of local eye-drop anesthesia and laser special contact lenses;
  • Duration of procedure 10 - 20 minutes;
  • The absence of pain;
  • The procedure is quite easily tolerated by patients of different age
Лазерное лечение сетчатки клиника профессора Сергиенко как проводится процедура

Laser treatment of retinal in the clinic of Professor Sergienko 

Laser coagulation of the retina is one of the types of laser treatment of the retina. Retinal degeneration is relatively safe and which are dangerous, that is, with signs of high risk of retinal detachment. This method of treatment is the main method of preventing the progression of peripheral threat of degenerative changes on the retina (degeneration of the peripheral-type cochlea, degeneration of the peripheral-type grating, valve and perforated tearing of the retina) which can lead to further retinal detachment reduction in visual x features and surgical treatment. Retinal detachment is one of the most severe ophthalmic diseases, in most cases it requires immediate surgical treatment. Degenerative processes in the retina are most often found in patients with varying degrees of myopia after severe injuries of the organ of vision, some adverse conditions (heavy physical activity). When discovered dangerous forms of degeneration or tearing of the retina is necessary to carry out laser treatment of retina laser coagulation otgranicennoe. The dire threat of retinal degeneration in most cases has no symptoms, so it is important preventive examinations of the doctor.

Panretinal laser coagulation of the retina is the gold standard in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, thrombosis of Central retinal vein, some vascular diseases of the retina. The timely deployment and conduct of panretinal laser coagulation allows stabilizing the condition of the retina and preserve visual function, reduce the number of patients who later required surgical treatment.

Лазерное лечение сетчатки в клинике профессора Сергиенко

The main advantages of laser exposure:


  • no preoperative preparation;
  • no general anesthesia;
  • the technique is performed on an outpatient basis;
  • fast performance of laser manipulations;
  • no bleeding and pain.

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