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Ophthalmic Perimeter MAIA

 Our team continues to work with the latest technology to make an accurate diagnosis for our patients.
 To optimize the detection of certain pathologies, we installed a new MAIA ophthalmic perimeter, which allows us to evaluate the evolution of retinal sensitivity and to understand the visual fixation of the patient.

The MAIA Ophthalmic Microperimeter is a new technology for the study of the macular region, it is combined with a computer micrometer and a scanning laser ophthalmoscope, which creates a fundus image of the fundus.

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 The device helps to diagnose and track macular pathologies, in particular various macular degenerations, especially age-related macular degeneration, as well as diabetic retinopathy, amblyopia and many other pathologies that cause problems with the sensitivity of macular cells.

 We provide special attention for this type of examination to patients before and after surgical interventions on the macular region of the retina.  In addition, the device has an eye movement tracking system that allows you to compensate for this accurately and in real time and make the test more reliable.

 The advantage of this diagnostic test is that it is not a long-term examination in time and is quite simple, because the patient should only press the button every time the lights are on.

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