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клиника сергиенко лечение роговицы глаза винница

Vision diagnostics

Diagnostics is extremely important in the modern world. We get 90% of information from the outside world through the organ of vision. Therefore it is essential that to diagnose and prevent the disease are much easier than to cure. Timely diagnosis of vision can determine the cause of vision loss, suspect the presence of diseases at an early stage, and choose treatment before more serious problems.

In order to choose the right and effective treatment, it is important to conduct a thorough, objective examination of the visual system and to detect the exact cause of the disease!

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If you already have your results of diagnostics, you can contact our specialists for advice.
Each of the examinations is carried out by highly skilled experts, doctors and optometrists with high qualification and wide experience in this field.

How is going on vision diagnostics:


  • Total duration of examination: from 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Basic conversation with the doctor, history taking, examination at the slit lamp
  • The refractometer (study of refractive power of the eye)
  • Checking visual acuity with correction and without 
  • Tonometry (intraocular pressure measurement) 
  • The eye drops for pupil dilation (for a more detailed study of all parts of the retina)
  • Optical coherence tomography (standard of computer studies Central zone of the retina (macula) and the visible part of the optic nerve, evaluation of the nerve fiber layer) 
  • Pachymetry (measurement of corneal thickness) 
  • Echobiometry or optical biometrics (definition of the axial length of the eye, thickness of the lens and the depth of the anterior chamber by ultrasonic or light beam) 
  • Computer perimetry (visual field test; optional in case of suspicion of glaucoma, trauma to the head, related neurological diseases, as well as at the personal request of the patient) 
  • Electroretinography: (assessment of the corneal surface in the form of topographic maps; optional in case of astigmatism, cloudiness of the cornea, suspected keratoconus and other corneal diseases) 
  • Re-examination by ophthalmologist under mydriasis (enlarged pupils). The qualitative expansion of the pupil is required from 15 to 40 minutes, possibly burying several different drugs to the highest quality inspection 
  • Diagnosis, appointments and discussion of treatment, answers to all questions of interest to the patient and relatives, issue of an advisory opinion.
клиника сергиенко диагностика зрения проверка


клиника сергиенко диагностика зрения проверка

Diagnostics are recommended for:


  • Anyone with complaints on one of organs of vision
  • People older than 45 years old
  • Pregnant
  • Those who suffers from diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels, etc.
  • Anyone who uses contact lenses
  • Patients with chronic eye diseases
  • Anyone who works a lot at the computer
  • All patients before surgical correction of eye problems
окт клиника сергиенко диагностика

Diagnostics are not allowed if:


  • Alcoholic or drug intoxication of the patient
  • Emotional arousal of a patient
  • Medications that affect the size of the pupil
  • High blood pressure (hypertensive crisis)
  • Strong physical tiredness


How to prepare for diagnosis:


  • To take medical information (directions from other clinics, information about operations performed on the eyes, the prescription for glasses, lenses, etc.)
  • It is not advisable to use cosmetics on eyes a day before vision testing

  • Not to drive a car after the diagnosis (after the examination 2-3 hours)

  • It is better to eat before checking out to avoid dizziness
    Not to drink alcohol before diagnosis
    Have a good rest before the vision test
    On a Sunny day is also recommended to put on sunglasses
    It is recommended not to use hard contact lenses 2 weeks before diagnosis. Soft contact lenses are desirable to remove in the morning on the day of diagnosis in clinic of Sergienko. 

проверка диагностика зрения клиника сергиенко диагностика зрения

Vision diagnostic is the key to healthy eyes 

Not all people follow the advice of ophthalmologists, who recommends to have regular eye examination. But the reasons which can deteriorate eyesight are very different. Cataract is the result of a complete or partial opacity of the lens, glaucoma is a poor circulation resulting from high pressure inside the eyes, in keratoconus and other corneal problems the problem is in its form, etc. But if it is not detected early, it will cure quickly. As a result, you can lose vision.
For this reason, any patient in eye clinic, named after Professor Sergienko, must pass a comprehensive examination of vision. The results will tell you about all the possible problems with vision. Diagnosis influence on further procedures and possible surgery. 

In the clinic of Sergienko there are advanced equipment and professional doctors:

During the implementation of diagnostic testing the very important factor is technical equipment. Our clinic has modern facilities to conduct a full diagnostic examination. Only a few of the modern clinics of the European level use this equipment. All equipment has the certificate of quality and has been registered in Ukraine. Each year the equipment is a subject of a metrological control, so the accuracy of the studies is on the highest level.

If the eye problem is not detected early, it will cure quickly. As a result, you can lose vision.

The benefits of diagnostics in the clinic Sergienko:


In our clinic reception there are qualified specialists with extensive experience in all types of modern diagnostic procedures.

Modern equipment in our clinic allows us to analyze the state of the visual system with the highest degree of precision in case of detection of any abnormalities in the eyes. It is very important to correct and choice effective methods of treatment.

All diagnosis are conducted in a short time. On the day of diagnostics you will be informed about the results in detail and about all possible methods of solving problems.

диагностика зрения клиника сергиенко винница киев

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