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детская офтальмология проверка зрения винницаl сергиенко

Pediatric ophthalmology

The eye is a complex optical system, there are dynamic changes in the process of growth and development. Therefore, during the growth you still have a time to adjust the vision and to achieve a good result.
The timeliness of detection of disease in children can only be achieved at a reception at the children's ophthalmologist.

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Independently identify impaired parents can only relative to the adulthood of the child in his behavior or conversation with him. The children hardly complain of discomfort and quality of vision. They just don't compare. The time of maturation to a certain state of the optical system of the eye of the child may already be formed, and therefore to adjust it to be more difficult than in early childhood. And in the first one-three years of his life without special equipment is impossible to determine impairment.


To eliminate the disturbances of a child means not only to give the child the joy of growing up healthy,
but to save him from all sorts of problems in the future

Pediatric ophthalmology in the "Clinic of Professor Sergienko" conducts the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases and difficult cases of rare disease.

Patients – children of all age groups from infants, preschoolers and school-age children to adolescents transitioning into adulthood.
The whole range of modern methods of treatment: therapeutic apparatus treatment, minimally invasive surgery to complex and unique methods of surgical treatment.

Why children have reduced vision?


The mechanism of formation of all the violations can be divided into 2 groups:

Optical – related violation of refraction or transparency of the cornea, lens, vitreous body of the eye (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, cataract). Congenital abnormalities of these structures of the eye.

Sensory – associated with the perception of light by the retina when it is diseases. Well as a breach of transmission of impulses from the eye to the brain and dysfunction of the Central nervous system.


детская офтальмология проверка зрения винницаl сергиенко сергиенко клиника

Symptoms of visual disturbances that parents may notice yourself:


  • too had started to bend down to review something;
  • began to lower his head when preparing homework;
  • began to close the eyes;
  • strain your eyes to focus, squinting; 
  • there were complaints of double vision, headaches and fatigue;
  • often coming to the TV at a close distance to see better;
  • the child's eyes are red, blink often;
  • the child periodically rubs his eyes
  • pediatric ophthalmology vision screening of Vinnitsa sarganserland
детская офтальмология проверка зрения винница сергиенкосергиенко

Necessarily need to conduct the survey during the following periods of the child's life:


детская офтальмология сергиенко киев винница

At this time, a clear fixation of objects with two eyes is established, so it is possible to determine deviations, astigmatism and myopia. Amblyopia of one of the eyes


диагностика детская зрение винница проверкасергиенко

During this period, the child’s visual system is almost completely formed, and it is important to understand that all the mechanisms of light perception are normal


лечение заболеваний глаз сергиенко

The child develops, comprehends the world, at which time visual impairment can easily occur for various reasons


лечение амблиопии амблиопия сергиенко

There comes a new stage of increased stress on the child’s eyes at school. You need to know the compensatory capabilities of the eyes, the ability to withstand heavy loads. Personalized recommendations will help to avoid possible deviations in the child’s vision.


лечение глаз сергиенко

While studying at school, the child should be examined at the clinic at least once a year. There are clear age standards, deviation from which can lead to various kinds of visual impairment.

An urgent need is to come to the child’s eye examination if you find in his behavior any of the following signs. It is necessary to contact a pediatric ophthalmologist as soon as possible after making an appointment, as these signs may already be symptoms of visual impairment.

The basic pathology of vision in childhood

Nearsightedness (Myopia)

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a pathological condition of the child's perspective when in the far distance the child sees clearly, the objects get blurry, and the farther away they are, the worse are distinguishable. Close, within reach of the hand, the child sees much better, so this condition is called myopia.


Strabismus is a condition in which one eye deviates when viewed directly. Strabismus can be congenital or acquired; constant or periodic.The forms, extent and causes of strabismus may vary.  Therefore, for each child, taking into account the individual peculiarity of the presence of strabismus, one needs to select his own complex of therapeutic measures, and in special cases, surgical intervention.


 Amblyopia (lazy eye) are various forms of visual acuity reduction associated with functional disorders of the child’s eye.  In this case, both eyes see differently, normal binocular vision is disturbed.  As a result, the brain tries
 “Turn off” one eye, suppress the work of the lagging eye.  The most common cause of multiple amblyopia is strabismus.


 Astigmatism is a phenomenon in which, due to congenital curvature of the cornea, light rays are focused not at one point of the retina, as it should be, but at several.  For this reason, the image may be perceived blurry, double.  The more pronounced curvature of the cornea, the stronger the manifestations of such distortion.  In children, astigmatism can be compensated for by the ciliary muscles of the eye, so these children are more prone to accommodation spasm.

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